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Black Hawk, Colorado Cafe Menu

Everything we make is from scratch and made to order. No corners being cut here! We deliver tasty eats to go along with our amazing drinks. Breakfast and lunch served all day. Come on in our location in Black Hawk, Colorado or call in your order for take out! We also do catering!

Espresso / Coffee / Tea / Smoothies

 Mountain Mocha (Made with house made fudge!) - 16oz $5

Latte - 12oz $3.50 / 16oz $4 / 20oz $4.50

Breve - 12oz $3.50 / 16oz $4 / 20oz $4.50

Mocha - 12oz $4 / 16oz $4.50 / 20oz $5

Cappuccino - 12oz $3.50 / 16oz $4 / 20oz $4.50

Cortado - $3.50

Americano - 12oz $3 / 16oz $3.25 / 20oz $3.75

Red Eye - 12oz $3 / 16oz $3.50 / 20oz $4

Drip - 12oz $2.75 / 16oz $3.15 / 20oz $3.50

Cafe Au Laite - 12oz $3.25 / 16oz $3.50 / 20oz $4

Loose Leaf Tea - $3.50

Chai - 12oz $3.25 / 16oz $3.75 / 20oz $4.25

Hot Chocolate - 12oz $2.75 / 16oz $3 / 20oz $3.25

Steamer - 12oz $2.75 / 16oz $3 / 20oz $3.25




Served all day, includes biscotti!

Spicy Sammie: A local favorite! Croissant, egg, pepper jack cheese, bacon, avocado, chipotle mayo $7

Veghead: When you want to treat yourself but avoid the greasy meats! Croissant, egg, provolone, avocado, mixed greens, tomato $7

Avocado Toast: Dang! is this yuppy or what? Super tasty! 2 slices of wheat toast, avocado, 2 eggs scrambled, fried hard or runny yolk $4. Make it better by smothering it with pork green chili for $1 extra

Buffawhale Droppings: Your childhood favorite but on steroids! Chocolate puffed cereal, milk of your choice, house made whipped cream and chocolate drizzle! $3

Egg Muffin: This is not your standard muffin sammie, this is a mountain muffin sammie! English muffin, egg, your choice of cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, and your choice of bacon, sausage, or ham, $3 or $5 for two!

Build Your Own Breakfast Burrito: Egg, potato, refried beans, cheddar, pepper jack, provolone, and your choice of bacon, or sausage, locally made pork green chili or salsa. $7

Oatmeal: Made with your choice of steamed milk, maple coconut or apple cinnamon. $5

Yogurt & Granola: Best dam yogurt you'll ever have, with granola and agave nectar drizzled on top! $5


Served all day, includes bag of chips

Caprese Sammie: OMG this melts in your mouf! Yeah we spelled 'mouth' as 'mouf' get over it! Wheat bread, tomato, provolone, pesto, balsamic glaze, avocado $7

Club Sammie: Classic club but better! Croissant, turkey, black forest ham, bacon, mixed greens, tomato, onion, mayo $8

The Cuban: Sooooo good! Everything bagel, locally smoked pulled pork, ham, pickle, provolone, deli mustard $9

BBLAT: Not your average BLT! Plain bagel, 6 strips of bacon, mixed greens, tomato, avocado $5

Soup Of The Day! Ask about it, it changes $4

Toasted PBJ: Childhood favorite right here! Natural peanut butter, jelly, toasted. mmm just like mamma made it.



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