Coffee & tea subscription makes the perfect gift!

How This Works

home or business

Single origin coffee and tea for your home, office, Airbnb, hotel, restaurant or coffee shop.

Choose your coffee/tea

Build your box! You choose coffee, tea or both! You choose how much you want and when you want it!

Where Does Your Coffee Come from?

Buffawhale works closely with farmers all over the globe. We go beyond fair trade coffee and invest in the communities, ensuring farmers in the regions are well educated in sustainable growing practices. This insures we get the best crop possible every year.

Our Mission

Make you smile :)

Why We're awesome


Single origin - Sustainably grown - Better than free trade

We don't rely on computers like most roasters do. We roast our beans like they did hundreds of years ago. Using only our god given senses. We roast to order, pack and ship directly to you.


Our teas or not only delicous. They all serve a purpose.

Our loose leaf tea blends are unique and one of a kind. Our tea specialists take great pride in teas that are beneficial for your health and wellness. We'll send you different teas every month.

Shipped to you

For FREE of course

Don't you hate it when shipping fees turn a good deal into a crappy one? We do too! That's why we don't charge for shipping. Becasue shipping fees are lame and we're not lame.

Visit our tasting room!

135 S. Clear Creek St.
Black Hawk, Colorado 80422
(303) 582-2011

Monday - Friday, 7:00 to 3:00
Saturday & Sunday, 8:00 to 2:00

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